All Green in Spring

"You don't appreciate what you have, until it's gone". The long, cold, dark, and colourless Danish winter often reminds me of these words. When the tropical me longs for some warmth and colour, I find comfort in the thought that it'll soon be spring - and just like last year, I'll be surrounded by nature, beaming in it's full glory. All I want to do is grab my camera, take out my cycle and just be outdoors - biking and clicking - capturing the ephemeral danish spring through my lens. While spring is still on its way to Denmark, I can't help but take this walk down the memory lane. Those greenest green of ferns, which stood united with their hands joined together, seemed to be singing a song about the glorious Sun. The carpet of green and white velvet was spread all around in the woodland by a magic wand. Bees and butterflies fluttering happily over cheerful looking flowers. It felt like a whole new world. The colors, the textures and the aroma, everything complimented each other very well. How I wish it was always there! Green green green. For more pics #green #greenearth #nature #nature_perfection #lovenature #beautiful #amazing #discover #plants #denmark #trails […]
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Changing the perspective

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit one of the holiest places on earth - The Vatican City. I got to climb the stairs and go up the St. Peter's Basilica and look at the Vatican from the top. It is so much different from the top. You look at things at a higher abstraction level. You no longer identify things individually but as a part of the full picture. The road running down to the central plaza gives a direction to anyone visiting. The establishments on both sides of the road provide services to the people, be it a tourist information centre or a souvenir soap or just another Mac D. The road leads down to the central plaza, which looks protected by the saints and noble kings from all sides. Walking further down you visit one of the most sacred buildings.  I am sure there was no aerial survey when this thing was build, but looking down from the top just makes things so simple and easy. No wonder, the videos made by drones are so popular.  Atop For more pictures follow me on Instagram.
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The best of ROMA.

The city of Rome is a treasure house. The longer you stay the more you discover. It is an ancient city. Yet, you can see life breathing in every corner of the city. In this series, I have tried to capture the major landmarks of Rome. The Pantheon It is one of the best preserved monuments and dates back to around 100 BC. The architecture and engineering behind the structure is outstanding. We do not see such buildings anymore. Piazza Venezia I refer this as the building on the crossroads. The piazza stands almost central to all the major landmarks in Rome. So, you will definitely get to see it more than once. You can also got to the top and see Rome from the top. Roman Forum   Must see. Filled with remains from the Roman empire, this place helps you travel back in time. You can easily spend a day here. And be prepared to walk, the way Romans did. When in Rome, do as Romans do   Colosseum Colosseum stands next to the forum. It is just breathtaking. When you are inside, you can get a glimpse of the life they had around 2000 years back. And […]
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The Pantheon at Rome

Rome is a city which helps you to easily travel back in time. You can enjoy getting lost in the small twisting cobbled streets or can just discover some old ornate building at the next junction. I had a lot of fun exploring the city and would recommend you to too. I started my Roman exploration with none other than The Pantheon. #Pantheon in#Roma #travelogue #Travel #explore #beautiful #Rome #oldcity #temple #happy #amazing #history #tour #europe #excite #lights #night #tourism #italy #italia A post shared by Hitesh (@hiteshsahoo) on Feb 12, 2017 at 1:13pm PST Built in around 100 AD, this marvelous piece of work is an absolute art. The Pantheon stands in the center of all that you want to see in Rome. So, you cannot miss out on this one and you must not. Plus, it is free. It is one of the best -preserved monuments which has stood tall for almost 2000 years now. Considering that, it is also an engineering wonder. We approached the building from the back and it did not look much of an attraction. So, keeping our fingers crossed, we went to the front of the building. The giant granite columns were there […]
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Evening sunset at Santa Cruz, CA

After a long day of trekking at the Natural Bridges State park, we decided to drive to Santa Cruz beach to unwind. Little did we know, the amazing surprise we had waiting for us. When we reached, the evening was still young, the sun was up in the western sky, there were kids playing with their parents and grandparents, models getting their portfolio made, students from the nearby university drinking beer and relaxing; everyone was in a mellow place one way or the other. As we sat down on the sand and looked into the far ocean, slowly we could see the landscape changing, the sky had now taken an orange drape over it, the birds started playing the musician and all of a sudden you feel like you were in some transcendence state, the moment when you forget who you and become a part of that very moment. You can follow me on Instagram @hiteshksahoo  or Facebook @hiteshsahoophotography. Feel free to contact me for prints. Daily Prompt: Eerie Transmogrify Follow 
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Windows of the world 3

Simply beautiful. The colors just compliment each other so  perfectly. I could not ask for a better picture. Munich Visit Round-up : Windows of the world Series Finale #travel #travelogue #travelblog #photoblog #love #instagood #instadaily #beautiful #cute #happy #sony #sonyalpha #photography #hiteshsahoophotography #like #instalike #instablog #windows #world #flowers #colorful #color #lamp #tree #climber #igerseurope For more stories: A post shared by Hitesh (@hiteshsahoo) on Nov 10, 2016 at 12:40pm PST   Shine Transformation
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Halloween fog from Bornholm

As we biked along the tracks of small island Bornholm, DK, we couldn't help but be amazed at the mystical landscape formed by the fog.
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Windows of the world 2

This is the second picture in the series "Windows of the world". Beauty just keeps on getting better each time. Colorful and vibrant, flowers just made the plain white walls lively. You could just keep looking and appreciating it for hours.  Local Follow me on Instagram @hiteshksahoo
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Windows of the world 1

I will be posting beautiful windows from around the world. I took these during my recent visit to Wurzburg, Germany. Those were the most beautiful windows I had ever seen.  Local Follow me on Instagram @hiteshksahoo
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