Indian weddings are known for being colourful. So, as a photographer, you hit the jackpot of awesome photos. I got mine when two of my close friends got married. I was not attending as a photographer but as a friend. That helped me have no pressure of covering all events (trust me, Indian weddings are long with lots of small ceremonies) and gave me the freedom to move around and capture at ease. I have shared very few selected images from the main wedding ceremony. You can find photos from Mehendi (henna on hands) and Haldi (turmeric on face) ceremonies in my portfolio too.

India is a big country with many cultures. So, traditions and marriage ceremonies vary place to place. Nevertheless, there are some things which stand as the core of Indian weddings. I have tried to highlight them here using the selected images. A brahmin (priest) overlooks the entire ceremony and in most cases, the one who knows what to do during the rituals. It is important to note that the wedding takes places in front of the fire, which is considered sacred in Hindu culture. Another important part of the wedding is the exchange of garlands, which is more of a fun way to conclude the wedding rituals and declare the couple as husband and wife (yes, quite similar to the exchange of rings). There are also many small games played during the event. That keeps it lively and fun.

Indian weddings are fun and happening events. Don’t miss out if given a chance.